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is it me...

But why was Nikkole's boyfriend Tommy so upset after viewing the clip of Nikkole kissing Tommy the firefighter? After all, hasn't he been kissing and hugging up on any of the single girls that would have him? And he was doing this way before Nikkole even consider kissing Tommy the firefighter.

Seems like his original theory that Nikkole was probably miserable without him and missing him has just been blown right out of the water.

Just when I thought I couldnt like him any less, he proves me wrong.

Poor Rossi, he gets the bonehead of the night award. I can understand him feeling a little bit hurt about the new Catherine-Brian twist but Rossi, your actions last night were not cool. You should have pulled a Hillary and went to your room and sulked.

I can't wait to see what happens next week.
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